Year 23

I've always loved this shot. A good reminder that we're not finished, and that we don't have to be decided yet.

I like birthdays—they're a time to reflect and make resolutions, but with less pomp and circumstance (and pressure) than the new calendar year.

I am slowly realizing that I can bring certain things to the table in regards to my career, but it's also not entirely in my control. And in this season specifically, I am working hard and hustling, but I probably won't see much payoff in the near future—probably not for a few years. I didn't pick an industry that is particularly easy to break into.

So here are a few things I want to do during year 23, just for me, unrelated to my job.

  • Watch a movie from before I was born at least once a week
  • Photograph a portrait at least once a week, even if it's of myself
  • Shoot film again (I have some gear on its way to me as we speak, a birthday gift to myself!)
  • Find inner peace with the parking situation in LA. This is my life now. Some things are just not in my control. This bullet point is not a joke; I wish it was
  • Grab a book and do some reading on the beach, once a month  
  • Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl or The Greek Theatre
  • Play the occasional game of tennis
  • Check out at least 6 new-to-me museums 
  • Do that photo series I've been brainstorming about my favorite movie theaters
  • Make plans sometimes, even if it's on a weeknight (what can I say, I'm an introvert and a Grandma who goes to bed early)
an Unfinished Rodin in Paris, June 2016

an Unfinished Rodin in Paris, June 2016