How is 2016 already over?

Today is October and I spent a little bit of it freaking out about the fact that 2016 is basically over. When did that happen?! I'm not ready to be a senior.

September and August I mostly spent shooting a feature (Much to come on that later. So much to come. Feature films worth of things to come)/starting classes/working so I honestly didn't realize that two months had already passed—it felt like so much less than that. I'm having a quarter life crisis

I made a goal with myself that this month I won't eat out (with the exception of Sodalicious cheat days because I'm not trying to make myself miserable) because I've been spending an obscene amount of money on food that A) I don't particularly want B) is 400% more expensive than if I'd make it for myself and C) not good for me. I'm writing it here so that the internet knows and now I'm accountable.

So here's to eating my vegetables (and also my savings account). And here's to movies!


Photograph of Hollywoodland sign from August's shoot in LA.