How Has It Been (almost) Six Months?

The other night I saw that I hadn't written a post since the day I moved here. I can't believe it has been (almost) six months! One thing that I find fascinating is the way that foreign things somehow become home when you're in a new place; the transition is so subtle that you almost don't even notice it happening.

It happened in Provo—Driving down University Avenue a few days before moving here and remembering how strange that spanish style apartment unit on 4th North felt four years earlier. And now, a few months after getting to Koreatown, it feels so much like home that the idea of apartment hunting for another place in six months seems strange. 

I've kind of stopped shooting since getting here—I love portraits, and filmmaking in general is a collaborative art. And since I don't know people, I've stopped all together, which is making me feel worse. So, I'm going to shoot this week. I'm not putting guidelines or rules on it, but I want to shoot a little film and a little digital. I have Thursday and Friday off because of Thanksgiving, so there's time to do a little creative exploring. Writing it here so I'm accountable.

Below is probably my favorite photograph I've made since being in LA. Here's to making some more favorites.