London vol. i

I love London.

We've been here a little over a week and I still can't believe it! 

It's so different than New York or Philadelphia and there are certain things that I will miss so much when I leave in June. I'll miss how quiet it is. I'll never forget riding the tube all the way from Heathrow during morning rush hour. The car was packed but you could hear a pin drop. Way to go, UK! Everyone calls me "love" and it's my favorite thing. "Excuse me, love" "of course, love" "thank you, love". The school uniforms with

Madeline hats

will never not be wonderful. Secretly listening to the


 soundtrack on the tube will never not be funny.

It's amazing to be in a place with such a long history—walking by the V&A every day and seeing damage from the blitz is sobering and lends perspective. The quiet nature of this city lends itself to observation and people-watching is especially interesting to me. I've brought my Yashica-Mat 124g and photographing people is my favorite part so far.

I think the best moment of this trip so far was sitting next to a man on the tube as he rocked and shhh'ed his brand new baby. It was so sweet to see and I was sad when they got off. 

I'm never coming home! 



Yashica 124g

Portra 400

South Kensington