Writer's Retreat Thoughts

I spent the last four days up in the mountains with my favorite kind of people: film people. I attended a writer's retreat for BYU's Media Arts students—although technically referred to as a writer's conference, it was more of a conference for storytellers. Regardless of whatever process you study in filmmaking (like editing, sound, directing, screenwriting, cinematography, vfx, etc.), every single one of them is a form of storytelling.

What I think encapsulates this weekend, the program, the people, perfectly was the closing event of the retreat—a screening of the incredible film



followed by a panel discussion with BYU's film faculty. I love the film program so much. I'm grateful to be a part of it every single day. Easier than trying to delineate all the reasons why that statement rings true to me would be using this screening of


to represent what the program is all about. More important than writing workshops or plot structure or accolades is a discussion about faith and doubt and love.

I think that that says it all.