I Am Not a Robot

I updated the header of this little online journal of mine to reflect the fact that I've always been 90 years old at heart and I love it. I've been so unbelievably busy lately but I have been trying to make time for the things that I love.

I'm attending a film program writer's retreat this week at Sundance and I'm bringing a film camera, some brand new notebooks filled [empty] with potential, some books I've been wanting to read [

The Hiding Place, Bird by Bird


and not much else. I'm going to bring my phone but it'll stay off the whole day—I'm planning on checking it once a day to make sure no one is trying to contact me about something urgent, but I'm excited to just unplug and leave my to-do list at home.

I think that over the past few months I've overextended myself completely. I've committed to a lot of things and did it at the expense of time for personal work/projects and time reserved for the things that I love. I've learned the hard way that to-do listing and nothing more leads to robot-like thoughts and feelings, so I've been trying to choose more wisely the things I do and regardless not let the things I love or create get pushed to the back burner.

I'm in a good place at the moment because two weeks from now, I will be a free elf (


 tell me you get my reference) and I will never take Spring classes again! The end is in sight. I believe!

Stay gold, pony boys.