If Not Now, Then When?

I've been starting and reviving a lot of personal projects lately, which is super funny because I've never been busier than I am at this moment. But that's the funny thing about time. He's a sneaky lil guy. He's never going to show up and say, "Here I am! There's more than enough of me to do it all!" You have to make it. You have to give up some sleep and say "I'm doing this because it makes me happy."

There's never going to be enough hours in the day and you can let that stop you from living your dreams or you can try regardless. My days are busier than I have ever been, with spring classes moving at light speed and shooting ad campaigns at work and making movies on weekends with my people. But I've started on a few photo series and multiple video projects in the midst of it all and they are making me elated—anything but stressed.

If not now, then when? Live your dreams! Starting things tomorrow is overrated.