Fresh Start

As a goal-oriented person it can sometimes be hard to live in the moment. I'm always thinking ten steps ahead, about due dates and 5 year plans and what I want to do with my life. And while it's exciting and important to think ahead, it sometimes makes the mundane days seem like less. The days when you wake up just in time to get to 8 AM class and go to work and and watch a bunch of 

Law & Order

while you do your homework.

These kinds of days are beautiful and important even thought it might be easy to forget or maybe never even realize that. I want to spend time documenting them and I wanted a fresh new place, a clean slate where I could do just that. So I started a new blog. It's a study on living in the moment (right here, right now) and since I love cats more than people, a pun was in order (now —> meow). 

Here's to personal work.